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The coloured art glass used in my work will last for a over a thousand years and so I try to create a timeless image that will endure for the same period. Some pieces are laden with meaning; 'Tumbo Kyrka' for the couple married there; 'Kungsholmen' for the family who live there; 'A Year in the Life of an Apple Branch' for the couple who wanted the four seasons in a 5 metre wide bay window; 'Lucy and Tom and the Hot Air Balloon' which reminds a couple of their children's favourite books; 'Gin and Tonic' for the owners of the two dogs, based on a photograph; the 'Gator's' panel for my son who supports them and for me 'Midnatt in Nannberga' based on Midnatt by my favourite Swedish artist Anders Zorn. Some panels are done just because I like the idea behind it; 'Sunbathiing Girl in Red Shoes' and 'Girl with a Sports Car' are made to fit in an Ikea wall lamp - small but with impact.